Weston Commercial Meat Grinder Review

This commercial meat grinder, Weston Products 1 HP Stainless-steel Electric Meat Grinder could grind more than 700 pounds of meat each hour.

This is a sturdy all stainless steel made meat grinder that runs on 750 watts, one-speed power motor. If you ever before think a mill that could grind anything, this is the equipment.

Weston 08-2201-W Number 22 Commercial Meat Mill is rapid as well as quite useful. It can grind approximately 725 pounds of meat per hour.

Incredible, right? It is a meat grinder that could be operated by everybody.

Commercial Meat Grinder

This is the best commercial grinder for meat processing shops, restaurants, or any person wanting a sturdy grinder in the house. It works correctly for elk, moose, deer, as well as other kinds of fibrous meat incredibly. This quality Weston commercial meat grinder includes all the accessories you need to start refining your grinder meat in your home. Stuffing sausage cases is easier also with an elongate durable tube set with packing superstar included. The packing celebrity maintains you from re-grinding the meat as you pack casings or bags. You get an industrial quality meat mill without the high price being discovered at lots of other areas.

The grinder/sausage glutton is constructed from all steel equipment design for costs grinding performance. It features an added huge stainless steel tray with the security guard, on/off/reverse safety and security functions, a powerful stomper, a stainless-steel grinding blade, and also two stainless steel grinding plates: Coarse (7mm) and also Tool (4.5 mm). The grinder has a set of three packing funnels: 20mm, 30mm as well as 40mm together with a flange as well as stuffing celebrity. These grinders are guaranteed by the operator for bones.


1.Excellent accessories

Grinding plates and a cutting Weston 08-2201-W Number 22 Industrial Meat Mill has all the needed devices you will certainly begin refining meat in the house. It has three 7-inch elongated plastic sausage stuffing tubes.

There is a packing celebrity as well as the flange to avoid re-grinding of meat when making sausages. A broadband auger utilized with the snack stick tube for making snack sticks.

The 3 vary in their size sizes, 7/8 inches for the tiny tube; 11/8 inches for the tool tube as well as 11/2 inches for the large tube. They allow you make different sausage mixes with ease.

2.Lubed electric motor

Permanently lubed motorThe work features an effective 750 watts, one equine power electric motor that makes it simple to grind 725 extra pounds of meat each hr an equivalent of 9-12 extra pounds each min. It is air-cooled and permanently lubed for smooth running throughout its training course of usage.

3.Grinding plates

Grinding plates and also a reducing blade. The meat mill includes two stainless steel grinding meats assigned as rugged as well as medium. The rugged plate has openings determining 3/10 inches size and the tool plate has openings gauging 1/5 inches in size.

This makes it possible to grind the appropriately meat structure suitable for different specials. There is one grinding blade or the reducing blade made from stainless-steel.

4.Metal equipment

The meat grinder comprises oil bathed, all-metal gears. The lubrication make the mill’s company peaceful and also smooth. It additionally assures a prolonged use of the gears since they are safeguarded from wearing out conveniently as a result of rubbing.

6.Big stainless steel feeding system

Large stainless-steel feeding systemThe meat mill contains a conveyor kind-of system big sufficient to guarantee that the grinding process earnings much faster as well as efficiently.

This includes a 3-inches diameter feeding throat that enables continual flow of meat to the grinder as well as a 13.5 by 9.25 by 3.5 inches tray or frying pan that holds the ground meat. This saves you from constant replenishment or emptying of the mill.


Metal gears make it possible to grind soft bones
Can be washed in dishwater because all metal parts are made from stainless steel.
No need for frequent motor lubrication. Motor is permanently lubricated.
Metal gears make it possible to grind soft bones.
Easy to assemble and disassemble.
Has a tray guard for safety.
Easy to make snack sticks.
Has a reverse function switch for un-jamming.


It is heavy. Weighs 66 pounds.

Our commercial meat grinders are built for all types of projects, no matter how strict or demanding they are.

Why should I buy  Weston Commercial Meat Grinder?

The auger cavity is snug fitting as well as helps in drawing ground meat via into the sausage skins.
Grinds promptly as well as work successfully.
Guidelines are simple to comply.
The hopper is larger compared to correct and also similarly the size of the best meat grinders.
Small style makes it very easy to shop.
Easy to set up and dismantle.
Easy to feed the meat with.
Grinding rate excels.
Utilizing cool meat makes the grinding procedure also quicker.
Perfect for residence use and commercial use.
Cleaning is easy.
Stays in location throughout use and does not relocate.
Easy to feed the meat with.
Has an eye-catching look so looks fantastic in the kitchen area counter.